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The Kid is a true "one off" - a non-dialogue live action cartoon series!
Screened on Saturday Mornings on BBC1 with various repeats throughout 1986 & 1987

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The Live-Action Cartoon Series
Enquiries or info email: info @ TheRoses.co.uk


About the composers:

Henry Marsh: http://www.henrymarsh.co.uk

Georg Kajanus: http://www.georgkajanus.com

About the star

Steve Fairnie: http://LunaticRepublic.com 

Steve's Obituary: http://fairnie.free.fr/independent.htm

About the actors:

Debbie Linden

Mike Savage
Nikki Brooks

Concept: David Rose / Mike Slee / Steve Fairnie
Written by David Rose / Mike Slee
Directed by David Rose / Mike Slee
Produced by Kathy Rose

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